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3 Steps to Charter Your Private Jet

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Variety of Private Jets to Charter for Business or Leisure


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For Business

We offer a wide range of private chartered flight accommodations for highly productive people. Time and efficiency being one of them.

With our chartered private jet service, you can make fulfill all your meeting obligations around the world. As you can visit multiple sites in a day and remain ultra productive and relaxed during your travel. This all due to faster and more efficient transit times through private jet services.

Our passengers enjoy luxurious interiors to include spacious cabins, latest state-of-the-art technologies, seating, and dining arrangements. You will experience complete comfort and luxury during the entire journey and be completely refreshed upon arrival to your destinations.

For Leisure

It's not all about business, because chartering a private jet for pure leisure can completely take the stress out of travelling. Whether alone, or with family and friends, having a private and luxurious cabin all to yourselves allows for privacy, and true comfort during your flight.

Your private jet experience includes access to private terminals and security check-ins. These additional benefits ensures that your time is well spent where it matters most - on your getaway and not in line waiting. Because with this private experience, you can access locations not accessible to standard flights around the world. Thus, chartering a private jet is the ideal choice to travel for pleasure.


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Advantages of Chartering a Private Jet

Time - With a private jet charter, you are optimized for speed and comfort as you're in control of the schedule. No waiting for others in terms of routes, boarding, check-ins, etc.

Luxury - Comfort should be the last thing on your mind. Let us take care of the fine amenities so that you can focus on the relaxation.

Security - A private jet charter guarantees you privacy. We take pride in working with your trusted security provider to ensure your discretion.

Airports - One beauty of chartering a private jet is that you now gain access to airports that are beyond the reaches of scheduled services. For example, arrive closer.

Dedicated Agent - Through our private charter service, you can simply book via text with direct access to your dedicated agent. Simply give your dedicated agent your exact specs and consider it taken care of. All this, without the need for any account number.

Terminals - Avoid the lines and delays with scheduled services. With a private charter, you can board your jet minutes before taking off.

Coverage - Fly to practically anywhere in the world with our private chartered service. No country or destination is off-limits.

Choice - Instantly search and receive a list of the best private jet charter prices from our global network of over 9,000 aircraft. All private jets are Part 135 certified across 40,000 locations worldwide.

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How Much Does it Cost to Charter A Private Jet?

This is a question that is asked quite often as we engage conversation with people who are looking to use private aircraft. We will walk you through the different contingencies and provide various price indicators. First thing first, here is what you should have in mind when looking to charter a private jet;

- Destination: The distance between the point of departure and destination will determine the size of aircraft that you will use. Longer distances need larger aircraft. This eliminates the inconvenience of making stops for refuel.

- The amount of baggage and the number of people you will be traveling with: More people and baggage means larger aircraft and larger airplanes are definitely more expensive.

Other factors that affect private jet pricing are the dates and time of departure. Prices hike peak demand times. This then means that your return plans are also a determining factor when it comes to pricing. For instance, you may end up paying the cost of a return flight for a plane that has to fly back empty from your destination.

cost on chartering a Gulfstream private jet


All said and done, we asked the President of Velocity Jets, Patrick Harris, to furnish us with examples of a traditional flight cost plans for a range of heavy, mid and light jets. The prices below are examples of inclusive prices for one-way flights.

One Way Private Jet Charter Examples

- Miami (MIA) to L A (VNY) flight time 5.2 hours: light jet $21 000, mid jet $24 000 and heavy jet $33k
- NY (TEB) to London (EGLF) flight time 6 1/2 hrs, heavy jet $ 60 000 - 85 000
- Chicago (MDW) to NY (TEB) 2hr flight, light jet $9000, mid jet $12 000, heavy jet $18 000
- St. Martin (TNCM) toMiami (KOPF) 3hr flight, light jet $15 000, mid jet, $18000 heavy $23 000 -25 000
- Chicago (MDW) to L A (VNY) 4hr flight, light jet $16 000, mid jet $21000, heavy jet $30 000-32 000

We got from the data for the price per hour averages for return trips for various aircraft. These prices may vary contingent on where you fly, whether your flight is one way, the landing and ramp fees and any re-positioning that could lead to additional costs. It is always advisable to ask for an all-inclusive cost quote from your operator or broker.

Midsize Jets
Citation X $5897
Hawker 800 $4783
Learjet 60 $4506

Heavy Jets
Falcon 900 $7085
Gulfstream IV $7936
Challenger 604 $7323

It is also proper to note that hourly rates can vary depending on the age and condition of the aircraft.