Why Charter Private Jets Over Commercial Airlines

When covering long distances, you are faced with the choice of either using a commercial or private airline whether it is for business or pleasure. So what's the difference between the two options? Read along to find out more.

Commercial Flying

It goes without saying that commercial flying is the more cost-effective option. With tickets from as much as $2,000 coast to coast in the US to as low as $200 round trip economy package, going commercial is definitely cheaper than flying private. However, if you are buying up to four first-class tickets during a peak season, you may pay as much if not more than you would for chartering a private jet for the same for people.

a commercial jumbo jet

Smaller aircraft are much more frequently grounded than larger aircraft in the event there is bad weather. As it is, there are also thousands of other private airports that a private aircraft can land which may be too small for commercial aircraft.

Looking at cost alone, one wouldn’t fail to see the advantage of commercial airlines but that is not the whole story. There is more to commercial airlines that is disadvantageous than meets the eye. These include:

- Lost time
Lost time is the major commercial flight problem. There is everything that gets to eat up our time when using commercial flights; from long waiting lines, longer trips to the airport, potential layovers as well as the need for early check-in.

- Alteration of your schedule to fit into the airline's program.
Once you choose to use a commercial flight, the airline controls all the activities related to the flight. This includes the flight schedules. Moreover, the flight may be canceled without any notice.

- Crowded seating
Crowded seating means no or little privacy. This diminishes the opportunity to have business conversations or do anything productive flight. As a result, you may end up postponing crucial activities until the end of your flight.

- Inferior amenities
Commercial flights have lesser amenities offered relatively. The options for food and beverage are nothing to write home about really. Moreover, you may not enjoy your meals due to the stuffy and crowded environment.

- Lost or damaged luggage
This remains a major challenge when flying commercially. Due to the high number of passengers and luggage being handled, you may end up losing your luggage due to mix up, or worse still your goods may get damaged.

Private Jets

Flying first class on a commercial doesn’t offer an experience anywhere near what you get when going private. Time is valuable and adding up lost hours when flying commercial planes is quite telling on where there is value for money. A light plane ferrying up to 6 people can set you back $2,000 an hour. Larger aircraft with longer mileage will cost a bit more.

a private jet over the city

Private jets have the convenience of flying from an airport that is closer to your business or home allowing you to beat the usual delays that often come with flying commercial. You can even get a chauffeured vehicle to the plane on the tarmac. You also get to have the jet to wait in the event you are running late.

Once on board, the experience of personalized and tailored customer service is definitely worth the while. From luxury furnishing, copious space, choice meals, and drinks and privacy make for convenience, productivity and relaxation that you will not enjoy flying commercial.

The outstanding benefits of private jets include;
- You will avoid the inconveniences of bans that affect commercial airlines. In essence, you can evade restrictions set at different airports and airline companies.
- You get to travel with special belongings and equipment since there is no limit. You get to bring as much as you choose into the cabin.
- More time for productivity and rest or to spend with family and friends either during travel or even by reducing the time you spend during travel.
- The image of success and organizational value for time is priceless; you will portray an image of a person or business that is wealthy and well organized.

Bottom line: Here is what you need to consider
All said, if money is an issue, then you have to settle with commercial flying. Flying private may be costly but it has much more value for your money and benefits for in light of personal well-being, productivity, and social standing.

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